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Web Site Design...

Are you a small to medium sized business, or maybe you work for a charity organisation who have not yet got some kind of presence on the internet. Or maybe your just starting up a business or charity and you need a Web presence to get your message out.

I can help get your ideas, designs or information that you want people to know on the Internet.

I can offer you a starter site, which would be four to five pages with a look and feel agreed with you. Or maybe you need something more with multiple pages, routes and features for your visitors to navigate through.

These other features can be agreed with you during discussions at the site conception stage.

If you have not already done so, or not sure how to, I can register your Domain name on your behalf. As well as registering your Domain name I will setup a Hosting Package that is relevant to your requirements.

Web Site Maintenance...

Once you have a Web site and have a presence on the Internet you may need some kind of maintenance done on your site.

The amount of maintenance would depend on the features and content of your site and may range from updating existing pages to adding new pages and features as and when you require them.

Even if I have not built and designed your site I can still look after the maintenance for you.

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